In 2015 Laura was one of 9 San Francisco "heartists" chosen to adorn a large San Francisco General Hospital Foundation heart sculpture. In order to turn the fiberglass heart into a reflective chrome mirror, Laura successfully raised the funds needed with an Indiegogo Campaign! After the heart was made it received a generous sponsorship from McKesson, helping raise $50,000 for the foundation. It then spent a week on display in Union Square, then a private buyer purchased the heart, adding $25,000 more to the total. In it’s entirety the chrome heart earned $75,000 for the foundation.

Selfie in the heart with Gavin Newsom

Selfie in the heart with Gavin Newsom



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***Unfortunately the heart is currently in storage awaiting it's forever home placement. The owner has been working with the city for months to get it placed in a prominent SF location. I will update this page with new findings.***


Love Wins






"Love Wins" is the second Laura Lineback San Francisco General Hospital Heartwork.

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Kara's Cupcakes


In February of 2016, Kara's Cupcakes chose and featured Laura Lineback's Heart Sculpture as it's February Charity Cupcake of the month.